Figma fees are an outrage

First, it’s updating (paying 15 bucks for) just ONE TEAM not the whole range of possibilities!!!
Then - I see I have two editors? But I am alone! This is MY account only!
I never saw any notice that it would cost me additional payment if I give edit rights to MY OWN PAID TEAM PROJECT!!! WHAT THE F***?
Are you out of your minds with this kind of pricing?
I understand another editor means I add a person to a new separate team or something! IF I have bought pro for 1 particular Team, then I should have all the options attached to this team and not that I add an editor = means the “main editor”!!! It’s like a “collaborator”!!!

What are you - worse than Adobe?

If I pay for the TEAM’s possibilities then I understand all the features for the paid team are there!!! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

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