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Figma Blank Screen Problem - Both Web and App (Mac OS X)

Hi there!

I’m trying to open a memory intensive file on Figma and it refuses to open this morning. It doesn’t matter if I open it from the Desktop app or in a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.). My screen just goes black.

To recover, I either have to quit the app or close the browser tab while the screen is blank, close the lid of my MacBook Pro, open it, and get my screen back after I log in (I can see the log in screen after reopening the lid.

When I try this with a multiple monitor setup, the source monitor with the browser or app on it goes black, but the other two stay on. I still have to open/shut the laptop to help the screen come back.

I have yet to try it on a PC, but that’s my next course of action.

What would really help is if I can open a low-res version of the file to delete some of the elements that’s bogging it down. Right now I don’t have that option.

Any help, questions or perspective? Please post if you have them! :grin:


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