Feature request: Dynamic children

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about creating dynamic components but having to break them when wanting to manipulate the number of nested children inside. I realize this is most likely already something that is in development or has been added on a post-it note in a backlog somewhere, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for a way in which this might be possible. Forgive me if someone has already made this solution but I have not seen it thus far and if you have already thought of this, then I’m glad that there are also like-minded folks out there.

Previous temporary solutions for this that I’ve seen are to use components that have a designated number of “slots” already included to add and remove nested children. This works but only to a limit and for some folks with large files, sometimes this always isn’t the most performant as data is still being loaded for these placeholder children.

My solution would designate an already predetermined child to be dynamic in number, so only that child could be repeated. There are limits to this of course but this could also encourage some creative shifting into the philosophies and models we use to compose components currently in Figma.

Would love to hear other folk’s thoughts on this too. Thanks for reading!


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