Extract the original name of an imported image

Hey together,

I am working on a plugin to translate designs into code. At the moment I am trying to translate images and take over their properties, which works very well so far. However, I am wondering: Is it possible to extract the original name of an image that was added either by drag and drop or import from Figma using the plugin API? The idea behind it would be: During the translation of the images from Figma it would be possible to give the extracted images directly the correct name for the project which uses the same assets. Of course you could give the images in Figma the same name as in the assets by hand but if there is a way to avoid this step it would be great. Within the Images object I have so far only found the “imageHash” for unique identification. Thanks for any inspiration!

PS: I have seen this already: Get original image file name in fill/ImagePaint But maybe something changed witihn nearly a year.

Nothing changed.

any plan to change that ? i would also really like this feature for what i’m building

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That would be awesome! still found no well workaround for that…