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Export pdf

Hi, I made a MacBook Pro landing page with a width of 4327 pixels. And when I export it as a huge PFD file - about 50 MB does anyone know how I can reduce the weight in the Figma? Without having to rebuild everything

TinyImage plugin can reduce the PDF size.

Also you can find lots of apps on the web that can compress PDFs online. And you can try to open the PDF in Preview on your Mac and export it again (not simply save) — this may help reduce the size too.

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TinyImage is a good plugin, as Gleb pointed out.

Another option is to use an online tool like “ilovepdf”.

It gives you a lot more control over the filesize.

Unfortunately it means you have to do some extra steps (Navigate to site, Upload, Click button, Download, actually not that many steps… ), but it’s worth reducing filesize by 80 to 90%.

Using the compressing tool, you can compress the file size of your PDF files…