Duplicating Variable shortcut doesn't work on Windows app

The “Shift + Enter” shortcut works on Mac, and the web, but does not work on Windows App.

Hi @Mochen_Liu thank you for raising this issue, I was able to recreate this on a window machine and have passed it along to our engineering team.

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Thank you.
FYI, this problem actually occurs on all platforms. The shortcut would stop working randomly. (I noticed it when the file has opened for awhile. I don’t know exactly when it would stop working. )

I’m having this issue on Mac too, if I reload the tab it works perfectly but after a random number of times, it just stop working, not sure if the app doesn’t know where is focusing, because if I do cmd+Z or any other commands it applies to my full file and not in the “variables widget”

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I’ve found that this function stops working if I click into any menus or navigate in/out of a group of variables. If I navigate to another variable collection and then return, they work again. It’s super annoying having to constantly leave and come back to my collection so I can duplicate my variables!

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