Double wording

Is anyone else having difficulty with Figjam, where when you are typing, it will often double-type that word? I have been having this glitch for quite some time, and I have no idea why this is happening it is extremely frustrating.


Yes, I have the same and it is quite frustrating.

I’m getting it in any text box in a regular Figma file. Every 10th word or so gets copied after I press space.

So, say I was typing the previous sentence in Figma, it would have said something like: “… gets copied after after I press space.”

I have only been starting to have this issue over the last few days.

Same here, does anyone know if there’s a fix for this?

Also getting this in regular Figma files. Really annoying feature :flushed: Do you guys use Grammarly? Wonder if that has something to do with it?


Same issue here just like you described, it’s been going on for two weeks or so. Happens in Figma as well as FigJam.

Hey everyone! Same issue, it’s been happening since I started using fig jam maybe three weeks ago. @Logan_G I had the same thought because it always seemed to duplicate a misspelled word. I disabled Grammarly on the boards I was working on and so far, so good. I think the bug might have to do with Grammarly specifically or spelling/grammar extensions in general. I hope this helps!

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