'Detach all' on a Selection


I would love the ability to “Detach All” instances within a selection.

How it would work: Select an object(s), right click the selection, and click ‘Detach All Instances’. Anything that is a component or instance within the selection would turn back into plain objects.

Why: I prefer to use Components throughout my page designs and I also turn each of my pages into a component. So lots of layers of components. My developer uses the Figma to Webflow plugin, which requires NO instances or components on the page. At the moment I have to make him a copy of each page and manually go through the layers to detach everything. Would be nice to make him a copy of the page, right click, and ‘Detach All’ instead.

Happy holidays from Pennsylvania!


Use the “Detach all nested instances” command via Quick actions.


WOW this is extremely helpful. Thank you!