Ability to ONLY drag-unselect from currently selected items

There’s lots of different ways to select content in Figma, from the menu’s “select all with…” to plugins, to good old CMD + A. However, I can’t seems to figure out how to drag-deselect something, and I mean deselect only, not “unselect what’s selected and select what is not selected” as all drag-selects currently seems to work. It’s bit surprising that such a feature isn’t a thing.

I have a common case where I have a bunch of components/instances, and need to select all of same type, swap half out to one thing, and another kind to another. See the image below.

Level marker is a nested instance inside champion avatar, and I want to swap out the lower row for something else. I can easily select all of them, but now I can’t deselect the upper row as any drag-select that would deselect them selects unselected components (avatar) at the same time). There is no way to ONLY unselect from selection without adding to it.

Sketch has this exact functionality where they have a modifier key for drag-deselect that only deselects and nothing else, making modifying lots of instances a breeze. We need same thing in Figma. Or maybe there already is one and I am not aware of it?


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