Deleted color styles will not disappear from component selection colors

We recently migrated off styles to their underlying variables. Everything looked good in the master library, the removed style exposed the underlying variable as expected, no more styles anywhere :ok_hand:.

This is a different story in all files consuming this library though. Despite being deleted, the styles linger like ghosts, but only in the “selection colors” section.

See this image detailing the same component instance, one in the library, and the other in a consuming file.

I’ve seen others in the community with similar problems, and would love some insight into any fix timeline for this :pray:. It’s eroding our trust in publishing updates, and impacting the experience of our system.

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Additional context:

After testing in the master library, it has revealed that manually reselecting the already selected variable in the layers fill/stroke field properly removes the color styles in consuming files. It does not work when this is done from the selection colors section.

This is far too large a task to do for every layer in every library and file that consumes our tokens. Are there any file wide functions that can be run to flush out removed styles properly, or perhaps re-apply variables, etc?