Removed styles still show up in Selection colors. How do I remove them permanetly?

After removing styles that contained a variable, the removed style is still visible in Selection colors. Also component library reports 0 changes after Styles were removed.

What do I need to do to actually remove the remaining hidden styles so that only the variables are in Selection colors (without reapplying them all by hand)?

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Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. I’ve confirmed with the internal team that this is a current expected behavior of styles, unfortunately. The team has plans to address this in the future but there is no timeline of this yet. Sorry again for the confusion.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Is there any fix yet? Thanks.

I have a similar issue but now the original hex value that was used to create the colour style is still showing. The file is only using variables now so no styles are available to pick from. I cant notice any pattern as to what components are impacted but some are showing the style, when clicking ‘go to main component’ - the main has the correct local variable

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, there is no update at the moment. We will keep sharing your feedback internally: