Delete file confirmation

Too easy to delete a file out of a workspace with backspace, especially with multiple team members of differing levels of experience.

Just needs a cofirmation modal for when a user wants to delete a file to resolve the issue.

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Yes please! I’m surprised it’s so easy to delete a file, especially things like design systems.


+1 on this. As an admin of our workspace, I’ve had several cases in the last month alone where designers discover something has been deleted and they don’t know where to find it now. Each of the times has been because they accidentally hit the “delete” key on their keyboard. There isn’t a delete confirmation, so it just vanishes without a trace. This is particularly problematic with Design Library files which then disappear for the whole team.

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Yes, please.
I also want to note that based on the menu options visual grouping, “Delete” & “Rename” are in the same group. I feel that they shouldn’t be together. One is a destructive action while one is a management action. I’ve accidentally deleted a file before because I misclicked it instead of the “Rename” option (Bless the Undo toast!)

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