Convert Figma color to RGB

I’m trying to convert Figma’s color to RGB but the values doesn’t match.
Here is the example:
On Figma I have RGB 23,23,23 that is an HEX 171717
But from API I got those values:

r: 0.10196078568696976
g: 0.10196078568696976
b: 0.10196078568696976
a: 1

Using Math to solve this, I got an RBG of 26,26,26.
Does anyone know the algorithm to get the 23,23,23?


Figma Color

API Result

Math Math.round(val * 255).toString(16);

Math.round(1 * 255) = 255
.toString(16) = ff

Math.round(0.10196078568696976 * 255) = 26
.toString(16) = 1a
In this second example should be 23 and 17 instead of 26 and 1a as the image here.

I found the solution.
The problem was an remote element with the same name.
I checked the elements with remote = false and I was able to find the correct one.