Continuously being charged monthly for Figjam and no replies from Figma support

I’ve seen this issue multiple times on the forums already.

I am a pro user and I created 2 FigJam files which have now been moved to drafts months ago.

I am still being charged monthly for a FigJam licence that I don’t use.

I have emailed Figma on 4 occasions in the past 4/5 months and submitted a ticket as suggested in a previous post, all to no response.

I need someone at Figma to look into this, respond to me and refund me for the months of FigJam that I haven’t used.

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Hey Jason,
Thanks for reaching out to the community and sorry to hear you are having issues with billing.
I checked on our end, and the support team has replied to you on November 28, please check your inbox. For your reference, your ticket number is #861990.

For visibility, here a part of message, if this can also help others in the community who encounter the same issue:

First, please downgrade the permissions on your end to ensure you are not billed further.

Annual plans will always have a monthly plan attached to catch any overflow editors added to your team. While the monthly plan cannot be removed, keeping your total editor count within your annual plan’s coverage will ensure that there are no monthly charges.

  1. Select the admin console next to your team name on the left side of the file browser
  2. Navigate to the Members tab of your team page
  3. Set the Design role and FigJam role filters to Editors to display all billed users
  4. Downgrade any editor’s role to Viewer - Restricted to remove that user from billing

These Help Center articles provide more information on each of these processes:

We also recommend email notifications to keep track of who has upgraded and what action led to their upgrade using the guide to get notified when people upgrade to an editor role:

You can also change the team’s default role in admin settings from “Viewer” to “Viewer - Restricted.” This will apply a restricted role to any new team collaborators so that only admins can upgrade them to paid editors by setting default roles here:

Hope this helps!

Hi @Celine_Figma,

Thanks so much for replying. I don’t see an email from the support team on November 28. I could have possibly deleted it if it went to my junk mail box.

Thanks for the instructions in downgrading to view only. I have now done that for FigJam.

Would you be able to ask the support team to send another email to me in order to organise a refund?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Jason,
Sorry for the late reply. Our team has re-sent you a message with the refund, please check your inbox. For your reference, your ticket number is: #866918 Thank you!

Hi Celine,
Weirdly still not receiving any messages from the team in my inbox at all. I did however receive some refunds today. Thanks for your help.

Hmm it seems odd. Can you confirm us if we should email you on the or on the account? Just to check if we should update your primary email address in our back end to send you back the email. Please also check your spam inbox. Thank you!

I have the same issue. I took out an annual FigJam plan in September and I have been charged $6 every month since for something I am not using. Why is it set up like this? I will try looking at what you suggest doing above but I need a refund and have sent numerous support messages with no response.

Could I clarify something here? I also have an annual paid upfront seat in FigJam. What you suggest is that I remove editing access from myself on the Members Team tab. Surely that would remove my access to my already paid access to FigJam? There are currently no other members with edit access to FigJam currently in my team. This is not very clear or helpful.

My only thought is that if you open a FigJam project in a browser and in the desktop app at the same time it thinks there are two of me! I have just looked at it again and have a tooltip pop up when I hover on ‘Full’ in the FigJam column: ‘Karen Beal was upgraded when the file Site architecture template was moved to the team’. What does this mean? However, that still doesn’t explain why I am paying every month for something I have paid for annually. Do FigJam files have to remain in drafts?

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Hey Karen<
I close this thread, as it’s been solved here: No support tickets and no replies - #10 by Celine_Figma , thank you :slight_smile: