Components from deactivated library is showing up

I am having problems with the libraries.

I have a couple of global libraries, but only one library activated. But for some reason, when I search the name of the component, in the search bar (left side of the Figma window) it shows two variations of the component I am looking for. One from the file I am in, and another one from a different library. When I right click that component, and “Go to main component” it shows to me this:

Not Found (404)
If you expected to see a file here you may not have permission to access it. Please ask the owner to update the file permissions and try again.

But the point is I have edit access to this supposed file that is not showing up for me…

So what I dont understand is:

1. Why this component from a different library is showing up for me if I just have one library activated in my libraries list?

2. Why its saying that I dont have access to that file anymore if I have?

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