Component behavior in Multi-Library setup (library swap)

Hey community/support-team :wave:

Here is my situation… I am working on a multibrand-designsystem with one component-lib and several brand-libs. My goal is to define the structure of the components once in the component-lib with base/white-lable colors and typo, in the brand-libs the brand-specific colors and fonts are defined in the same name-scheme. So I can enable the component-lib in my work/protoyping-file and lay on the components the specific brand-assets via library swap. This is working fine until I change the state/variant of a component, then it falls back to the base-color of the component lib or behaves strange in general. Is this a bug or is this by design/logic of library swap? Thanks for any help :v:

Hey Pascal, we have found similar (but not exactly the same) issues when swapping libraries that seem to be known bugs. My only suggestion is to try turning on the library you are swapping to before you perform the swap (rather that forcing the app to do it at swap), and maybe also try turning off the library you are swapping from afterwards.

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