Swap style libraries for a Design system

We created 3 libraries:

  1. a library of components,
  2. a library of styles for the Wireframe,
  3. a library of styles for Brand X.

We matched the component library with the Wireframe colors.
In a new file, we would like to be able to swap the style libraries from Wireframe to Brand X. However, the swap library functionality only works if I put at least one component inside the new file. Instead, we would need to drag the components and see them already in the Brand X color.
We cannot use the variable functionality.

Has this ever happened to you guys? Do you know how to help me?

Hi Alessandra,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! I see in our backend that you’ve filled out a ticket, and our support has replied to you. Please check your inbox, for your reference, your ticket number is: #886229 Thank you