CMD+S -> force-save version history

The randomly autosaved versions is not working for me anymore. We need more control and quicker saving of a version to more easily go back to later state. Especially with the new change in how their undo/redo works.

Hey @Mike_Dick - some questions:

  • What date did you start noticing your auto-save feature stopped working?
  • What were the dates of the last few auto-saves that occurred on your file?
  • Does this only affect one of your files, or all files across your Figma accounts / organization?

If there’s an issue, I want to make sure to point you to the right people in our support team for help.

In the meantime: are you on a Mac? If so, there’s the command of ⌥ + CMD + S which will allow you to save a version of your file manually. I think this is more of what you’re looking for in the meantime, but I’ll still note you’d like to have an easier command for this.

My autosave didn’t stop working, I would like to have a hotkey to add a version to my history. I didn’t know about ⌥ + CMD + S but it would be preferred if it were an easier hotkey. … what’s wrong with cmd+shift+s?

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