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Auto-save is not working

Hey guys!
For about the last 2 weeks I periodically facing with such problem:
Auto-save stops working, I can’t see the selected frame and can’t publish anything. Also, my Macbook Pro 15 (mid-2014) keeps heating.
Helps only reopening the doc, but the problem persists in few minutes
Figma Desktop App version 95.7

Same problems right now. In 2019, I faced the same problem, it lasted about a month, then everything went fine. I asked Figma support about this problem, recorded screencasts, sent screenshots, checked the provider’s ping, checked my hardware, and so on. As a result, no one could give an answer, support advised to install a VPN. And the most interesting thing is that there are no problems with saving via VPN. So I worked for a month, and then without a VPN, everything fell into place. I am 100% sure that this problem is on the Figma side. Problems with autosave are present only in the CIS countries. I asked people who work in the United States, there was nothing like this, everything works perfectly. It is clear that the dudes from Figma do not care about the Russian market, but I pay for a working tool, why the hell should I suffer, just because I am in the wrong country? This is really a spit in the face of users from the CIS and 100% they are not going to do anything about it. Wait a month, two months, endlessly. Or try using a VPN to work in Figma.

Thanks for your answer. Everything is fine now. I wasn’t do anything.