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Changes to "Resizing" attributes effects the attributes of off nested frames

I am building system components and am struggling with resizing. When I change the “Resizing” value for a frame it affects either child or parent frames.

For example, I might change a frame to fill a container an that will force its child frame to Fixed width.

Is there any way to lock the Resizing values when set?

What do you mean by “resizing” value? Any screenshots?

Oh, got it, you are talking about auto layout. No, there is no way to lock them. Conflicting constraints will be set to avoid conflicts.

Thanks, Gleb, is there any information that can help me to understand how Figma resolves conflicts?

I don’t have anything specific. I just experiment with simple objects and try to understand how it works.

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Looks like as long as the parent frame is set to (fixed width, fixed height) all of the child frames will play nice. This solution works great for components because the instance is resizable.