Artboard resizing with all components

Hello, I am new to Figma and using it with its desktop app on windows 10. I was working with Frames and got an error.

I was making user flows with some general shapes including rectangles, circles, lines, and got short of space on my main frame (artboard). When I tried to increase the size of the artboard(by selecting it from its name), I found that all my components were moving along with it. I searched for solutions online and found that if we keep Ctrl (Control on Windows) pressed and the resize the artboard will resize only and all other components will go untouched. But when I did that my problem was still there and I was not able to resize the artboard only.

Please help me. I even created a new artboard, with more size, and pasted all components on that, this temporarily solved my problem but the actual problem is still there. So is there any way we can resize the artboard only and not the components with it?

Please note that there is no constraints option showing when it comes to the artboard.

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That’s because top level frames can’t constrain to anything so that’s how it’s supposed to be. Related to this is that only children of frames can have constraints. By default newly placed objects are constrained to the top left, but if you’ve somehow changed the constraints then child objects might resize when you resize the frame.
However, it is true that holding down ctrl while resizing the frame overrides the childrens’ constraints, allowing you to resize the frame while the child objects remain the same sizes at the same location. That is as long as you resize with the move tool, not the scale tool.
If this doesn’t work for you, try restarting Figma, and tell us how it goes.

Thanks a lot. Restarting the Figma worked for me along wit Ctrl method.

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