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Changes in the library are not visible in an other file

I created a library in a file “design system”. I have another file “web design” where I have my design and I use elements from the library.
When I make changes to the library, like rename a component “icon_old” → to “icon_new” for example, then publish to the library. In the file “web design” I have a message to update the component name. I update it. But the instances of this component used in my “web design” file are still named “icon_old” instead of “icon_new”. Is it normal?
Thanks in advance!

Could it be because the instance was “overwritten” = the color of the icon was change ? And because of that no modification from the master component go to this instance…?

For your component, when you publish the changes it’s just the name that doesn’t change?

Hi Steven,

Nothing changes. I did some test and when it’s an instance that wasn’t overwritten it works.
Could I somehow force the overwritten component to have his name changed?

Yes you can reset the overrides individually or all, like this