Change Text property's name and instance in the working file text reset

I’m managing Design system library file for our team. A while ago, I go back to review the component structure and come across inconsistent naming conventions within our components, so I changed the name of some text properties.

Here I have a label component
Change the name of Text Property, original name is Label text
Change from “Label text” to “Text”

This change is reflected on the instance within the Design system file, the Text override here is still preserved and fine

However, as soon as I published the changes and accepted Updates in the working file. All the text overrides of that component instance in the working file get reset

Before Accept update

After Accept

This is a hazard and caused a lot of instances reset that we didn’t even know why due to the many updates of that day. Until I created a duplicate of the library to test and pinpoint the cause.

Usually, I can count on the instance in the same Library file to act as a fail-safe preview and help me prevent destructive changes. But turnout instances in the working files behave differently.

Is it supposed to work this way? Should the changes be consistent for instance in the same library file and instance in working file? Anyone else encounter the same problem?

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