Change behaviour for deep selection (cmd+click)

When using cmd+click to deep select an element the deepest element gets selected. This is less than ideal when using a fleshed out design system with complex variants as a lot of the time you will select a layer inside of the component and have to move up the tree to select the actual component.

Aside from being annoying in general it also means that consumers of the design system are more likely to set manual overrides instead of utilising the provided variants as it’s easier to miss variants if you happen to select the wrong layer.

It also makes it harder for devs to select the correct component when inspecting.

The logical solution here would be to make it so that locked layers aren’t selectable through cmd+click (they already aren’t), but have the component remain selectable. Allowing for this flexibility would be very helpful for selecting the correct elements with the fewest amount of clicks.

Does anyone have another good solution for this that I’ve missed?

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