Can't update my plugin

I can’t upload new version of my plugin. I am original publisher but dont see in dropdown the option “Publish a new release”. What the problem?


When I click update plugin details, I didnt see any options to upload my new manifest file.

Hey @Stas_L - I’ve seen something similar happen to another dev before.

Can you check your manifest.json file to see if it has the correct ID in it?

hey @knishida old manifest.json has the same id, new contains the same. How they will meet if I don’t have able to upload new one?

@Stas_L apologies - I made some assumptions when I sent my first reply. When you’re trying to update, are you doing so through the desktop app or through the Figma via web browser?

Updates to code have to be published through the desktop app - if you are using the app, do you see any errors in the console?

@knishida yes sure, I tried from desktop app. I dont see any issues in console.

Answered before:

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@Gleb okay I did that, now I need to publish new it with all info(icon, cover etc) from old?

If after reloading the page Figma doesn’t recognize it’s the same plugin, the manifest doesn’t have the same ID as your published plugin. The ID in the manifest should be the same as the numbers in the published plugin link.


Completed, thank you @Gleb you was right, rebuilt the new version, uploaded it and it linked up


:clap: Thanks @Gleb!

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