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Can't select elements within a given frame, they act like they're locked when they're not

Pretty much what’s on the topic. I duplicated a page so I could convert it to dark mode, and when I try to select elements with the mouse, they can’t be selected despite being unlocked. I can select them from the layers tab, but that is far from being time-efficient.

I’m having this problem, too. Certain elements don’t show the selected indicator when hovering over them on the canvas, and don’t react when clicked on. When I select the item in question from the layers palette (it is highlighted in the list), I can indeed move it with either mouse or keyboard, but there’s no selection/outline box around it showing that it is actively selected. I noticed this over the last several days. Very frustrating.

This may be related to this post’s issue of not being able to select certain layers: I’ve noticed very recently that hidden layers within a group aren’t calculated in the selected layer’s outline or border indicator; the indicator only shows the visible layers. … So if I’m trying to top align two groups of the same width and height (where each group contains a 250px-sq image with a brief text overlay of significantly less area), I can’t line them up unless both images are visible; it would line up the text of one with the top of the other’s (visible) image.

It used to factor in the hidden layers’ sizes to the total dimensions of the grouped layer, but as of the last few days, it’s not doing that. Did I somehow change a setting or a preference somewhere?

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