Ctrl+A not selecting locked elements

Ctrl+A is a shortcut meant to select ALL elements inside a Frame. Now it’s not selecting locked elements.

It doens’t matter if an element is locked, I don’t want to leave it out of my selection when I use Ctrl+A, please fix this

When giving suggestions I think it’s a good idea to explain what the problem is and why the solution is a good idea. Saying “please fix this” comes off as rather demanding and entitled as if only your point of view is the correct one, ignoring those who might want Ctrl + A to ignore locked layers. Why should your suggested behavior be the correct one?

Luckily for you, you don’t need to wait for Ctrl + A to change behavior to what you want, Enter selects all children inside a frame, even locked ones. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts then Shift + Enter makes it easier to select the parent frame as well.


As you can see in Figma’s shortcuts list, Ctrl+A is for Select All. It doesn’t mean “Select only unlocked elements”. Therefore what I’m stating is not a “point of view” but a fact. So, please fix this

So how do you suggest it should be fixed and why?

So the description doesn’t match the reality, that’s true that’s a fact. But how you want it to be is still just a point of view, and you still haven’t made your case why others should care.

There are at least two ways to fix this. One of which is the exact opposite of what you want.

Just because a thought hasn’t occurred to you doesn’t mean that the only one you’ve had is the “correct” one. If you’re hoping for any chance of this being fixed the way you want, you better help yourself by helping others understand what it is you want.

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