Can a file be edited by an account from another team without charging the owner team?

Here’s another context where this happens:
I’m a freelancer for Toptal and created a design file with my Editor account for a project. Now the project needs another designer, which already has his own Editor account for other projects.
If I add him to my file as editor, I will be charged for an extra Editor, right? Doesn’t make sense the same person, with the same account (same email, etc), pays twice as Editor…

Solution: if a user is added and already is a paying Editor, allow them to be editors on whatever files they collaborate.

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That’s really not making sense.

A tool like Figma should promote collaboration, but the billing model now is not and just a mess with climbing costs.

This billing logic is complete madness… and I can’t find ways to justify it with reasons other than pure extraction - charging based on arbitrary “business logic”, instead of resources / service costs.

It seems that there is no definitive answer to this yet. So, I am curious how other freelancers setup their projects when working with many clients. Especially, if a client requests edit access. I end up having to duplicate files and sometimes even creating Teams for them.

Can’t really say more that what’s been listed above. At this point, it’s either stupidity, laziness or greed. Zero reason to continue this way of billing. Slack Connect for example is a very simple way of connecting orgs and everyone pays for their own staff. Professional orgs should be able to connect on files. This isn’t rocket science…which leads me to believe this is just greed and it’s unacceptable.

Just got billed a surprisingly high amount for my 1 person studio, all because I’m sharing design files with my clients who ALSO have their own paid Figma accounts? This not sustainable.

Plus it feels like a dark pattern UX trick to not even mention the billing consequences during the sharing process.

Can we at least share a “copy” of a Figma file with outside stakeholders without being charged, the way you can with every other design app on the planet? Maybe that’s already possible, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

i can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed yet! i’m a freelancer who needs to grant my (freelancing) developer access; they have a paid figma account but i’ll now need to pay double for them to work with my file. how does that make sense??? @Figma_Support are there going to be any answers? i can’t believe this pricing isn’t driving people away from using this program

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Run into this problem so often, we have to go through and cull clients’ access until they realize they cant edit and ask for it back.

As a company, we would love to move to the organization plan for the extra features but with the extra costs the clients generate this isn’t sustainable for us.

Just been stung by this as well and only realised after a few months. No notification/alert to warn of any additional charges when adding an editor from outside of the company.

This needs to be resolved asap.

so,… is there somebody from FIGMA that can tackle that and give the community response! Many feel screwed here, including me!!!