Paid Account from another Organization?

I’ve searched for information on this and it doesn’t seem to be very clear.

We are an enterprise organization with several teams, but occasionally we work with third party contractors from other large orgs.

Those contractors often have their own, paid, figma accounts and we invite them to work in our org. The problem I am having trouble understanding is why Figma seemingly wants that account to be paid on both orgs - I am not able to invite the paid account from another organization and have it suffice for editing in our org - it treats them like they need to pay on our org as well.

Is this intended?

Hi @Christopher_Clark,
It is intended. Billing on the organization plan is based on total editor seats, not individual users. Your organization is responsible for payment for all editors who have access to the team or your team files, regardless of whether that user belongs to another paid team or not.

However, if you add these users on a temporary basis and they are removed prior to your next quarterly true-up, you will not be charged for their additional seats. Even if you do end up paying for additional editor seats, they can be replaced with other users and will not be tied to these individual users.

Hope this helps!


This is a very very strange payment structure. Why is it set like this? The free Starter version gives access to more editors who are outside of your org. The professional (and higher tiers) pricing makes 0 sense in regard to this.


This is a head scratcher! :confused: :lol:


This doesn’t make sense. If I purchase Photoshop / Excel ie. any other app if I then get someone else to edit the file I don’t have to pay for them. So long as all parties have paid for the app they can edit the file, if they don’t have the software subscription they can’t edit. This really is a very confusing model :frowning_face:


This becomes ridiculously expensive for corporate accounts.
Figma can do it because they have a de-facto monopoly.
This means it is time to look for alternatives like penpot.

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