Bugs displaying names of instances as properties of component

There are multiple problems regarding the name of instances as a property of a component.

  1. When the name is longer, you can’t read it fully in the field and you don’t get a tooltip to give the full name.
  2. When searching/selecting the names aren’t there and again no tooltip on hover.


As you see in the image, i’ve got similar icons for the same thing but designed for different sizes, the difference is mentioned at the end of the name, but that’s never visible so now it is a quessing game which one I used.


  1. provide a tooltip on hover to display the full name at the property part
  2. display a tooltip on hover when hovering over instances

You can click on the “Show as list” icon (in the screenshot, it is displayed under E) to see the component names. But I agree, tooltips should be here.

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