Buggy Send to Front/Back

For a few days now I have been noticing the following “error” or bug in the Bring to Front or Send to Back commands.

Until now I had always used the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Arrow and had no problem.

Currently, if I use this shortcut the following happens:


The shape/layer is transformed. At other times the layer moves one pixel up or down depending on the order that is executed (Send to front or back respectively).
It is as if two commands were executing at the same time.

At first I thought it could be related to the keyboard preferences beta (I am from Spain and so far I was happy with the change of preference to “Spanish”). However, when you go back to Generic, the problem persists and the truth is that it is quite inconvenient.

Does it happen to anyone else?


Thanks! Didn’t catch that!

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