Buggy button resizing on hover

I’m building an app using the M3 Material Design Kit Community File and noticed the Button component is buggy on hover (prototype below).

When my button instance is manually resized to a certain fixed width (e.g. 200px), the buggy button is auto-resizing back to “Hug contents” on hover. But a seemingly identical button created with the same properties does not behave like that, keeping the manually set width on hover.

I’ve thorougly inspected the button settings multiple times, and even recreated the button from scratch using the same Auto Layout, Size and Constraints settings, only to end up dumbfounded by the fact that two seemingly identical buttons are behaving differently.

File with the 2 buttons side by side, for inspection: https://www.figma.com/file/vHrSNeUfEH4Kg8spOLg4PW/Material-3-Design-Kit-(Community)?node-id=53795%3A27389&t=qJInM9E3e8DUozCs-1

Buggy button prototype: https://www.figma.com/proto/vHrSNeUfEH4Kg8spOLg4PW/Material-3-Design-Kit-(Community)?page-id=53795%3A27389&node-id=53795-27390&viewport=716%2C337%2C3.25&scaling=min-zoom

Properly working button prototype: https://www.figma.com/proto/vHrSNeUfEH4Kg8spOLg4PW/Material-3-Design-Kit-(Community)?page-id=53795%3A27389&node-id=53795-27403&viewport=716%2C337%2C3.25&scaling=min-zoom

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