Bug - Overlays aren't working anymore

Overlays in file A used to work, and today it stopped working despite nothing being done to the top app bar instance which triggers the overlay. However, the same instance and overlay works on file B.

If I rebuild the same functionality again with some test frames it works. But in all my files with overlays it doesn’t work anymore. Seems like connections have disappeared in already existing prototypes. But everything is displayed. Please fix this.

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Facing the same issue. All of a sudden overlays stopped working!

hi! same for me, or at least when i’ve got a second overlay even with frames next to each other … anyone got troubleshooting for that?

Same here. Overlay components stopped working. Reconnecting does not solve the problem. It is a mayor bug as overlays are crucial part of our prototype and completely halts our current work.

mine has started to work again. anybody else still facing the same issue?

Nothing has changed for me. It no longer works. Our work is currently being completely slowed down. I am currently rebuilding pages. But this must finally be fixed. :frowning:

Update: It works again :slight_smile: Thanks!

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