Overlay is acting weird

So overlays in file A used to work, and today it stopped working despite nothing being done to the top app bar instance which triggers the overlay. However, the same instance and overlay works on file B.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this before?

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I have the exact problem on all of my projects. Did not do any changes.

  1. On static pages without scroll checked in prototype section, the overlay does not trigger
  2. In case I have scrollable content, the clicked item(that triggers the overlay) get’s sticky to the mouse cursor and simply scrolls the page around on mouse movement.
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I have the exact problem on my project. Did not do any changes.

Please help!

If I rebuild the same functionality again with some test frames it works. But in all my files with overlays it doesn’t work anymore. Seems like connections have disappeared in already existing prototypes. But everything is displayed. Please fix this.

Sad to hear this. For me it does not work even if i redo the links :frowning:

Apparently the issue has been fixed. All the overlays work now. :slight_smile:

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Finally. It works for me too :slight_smile:

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