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Bug: instances in Auto Layout not inheriting changes from main component

These changes do not apply to autolytes when changes occur in the parent component. This problem has been around for about 6 hours.
I know I do not change the structure of the component.
You should also check this issue and report it if you have any problems.
The photo and video of this problem is also included here.


Figma, I still have this problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here, AL settings do not cascade to instances until they are clicked on:

I thought this was only me. This is a bug that needs to be addressed urgently.

Give it a lot.
It is quite problematic in large documents.
This was possible before.

I think everyone has this problem.

Can you help us with this?

Okay so pretty huge bug, and I’ve been seeing this for the past few days.
I have an instance that obviously is generated from a main component. I update the main component, the instances don’t update automatically. Sometimes they do if I click on the instance, or on the font etc.

Please see the video to see the insane issue!

I also report this bug

The component update is broken if you use the instance inside an Auto layout frame.

If you quit and reload your project the instance is updated.

Wow, this is insane! Do you have a bug reported so I can upvote that

Report the bug with the file link to Figma support team via the bug report form.

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Can confirm the bug, it looks like instance updates are delayed or broken (sometimes you need to click through the instance to “trigger” the main component changes).

btw. I wouldn’t consider this “insane”. Unfortunate bug?..yes…sure…live threatening?..No! It’s a design tool that gets constantly improved and will never be “bug free”.

Done, many thanks !

Done, thanks.

This is a huge thing for me and I would consider it insane, imagine having a design library which has components that are used in a 30-40 files with 10 pages per each, can you tell me how would I go and update the components in each of those files?

For a simple usecase, its no big deal if you just have one file, you’re working on something minor, or a few files.

Imagine an actual update that’s needed of 1000+ instances of a component. Not sure if I’m making any sense here to you.

:warning: Report the bug with the file link and video recording to Figma support team via the bug report form.

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This bug was fixed today.
Thanks to Figma

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I’m still seeing this issue in different ways.

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Yes, it seems to be fixed. Many thanks