Branching for designers and content writers

Hi all!

I’m exploring branching in order to include it in our workflow.
We are currently developing a newsletter with two teams: designers and content writers.
I was wandering if was possible to have two branches, one for designers and one for content writers, so that the first team can work on the layout, while the other can focus on writing articles and push them once they have done.

I’ve already tested some possible workflows, but I’ve noticed that when design gets updated and the content writers’ branch accepts the changes, there’s no way to maintain the text in the branch and it gets overwrited. (same for the other way around)

Is there a way to keep the text of content writers and update just the design, so that the two teams can work in parallel?

Thanks for the help!

Branching wouldn’t be good worth that. Have you looked at ditto or Frontitutde?