Black squares appear on shapes in figjam

Why are these black rhomboids appearing on my FigJam?

@Brian_Lamb Are these appearing in every FigJam file you open, or is it just one? I’ve never come across this before.

They are unelectable, correct? Do they appear randomly, or is it after a certain interaction (ex: creating a new sticky, etc).

Randomly. Not every board. Is it possible that the page is just still building? Am accessing on VPN with lumpy performance.

ooooh weird – yeah that could be it, but if it’s just the one file, there may be some weird rendering issue

if you select everything you have in a file that this box appears on > paste it into a new FigJam file, does the box still appear? Or does it seem to just go away?

I don’t know if you can do this, but if you turn off the VPN and reload the file, does it still appear?

I forgot to ask this in my last reply, but does it appear in the file when you open it on the desktop app and the Figma website?

If you can provide any actions you do (create a sticky, write in the sticky, then the box appears), we can try to replicate. I’ll file a small bug ticket on this over on my end.