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Better Support for Apple Pencil

There’s a pencil tool in Figma, but Apple Pencil doesn’t play nicely with Figma on iOS (e.g. Safari, Chrome for iPad) without unofficial workarounds. But it does work with unofficial workarounds, so…

I would be happy with limitations such as:

a) a special Figma file type that supports Pencil-only tool (but can export SVG into a “real” Figma file
b) an experimental flag that you can set, with the expectation that it may break
c) support (or unofficial recommendation) of a stylus that does work better (I have tested some but they all seem to not work super great)
d) that I have to download a specific third-party browser to get it to work

And if you need an alpha/beta tester, well, you know how to find me. =)