Better review of changes (between file versions and changed components in published library)

the review of changes in a published library is almost impossible in a controlled manner. right now, this feature is sadly as useless as the review of changes between the versions of a file. finding small changes is hopeless/impossible.

for this to work, each change must be listed/described in detail (if needed). look at tools like confluence or git for inspiration to see how it should work. right now, every change is done in “blind flight” and requires manually checking every design for broken overrides etc.

and i am just working as a lone designer, i cannot even image how chaotic it must be in a larger team. no matter how good the design system may be, after some time, any project that derives from it must inevitably end in unmaintainable chaos.


Closed as a duplicate topic: Preview of what changes have been made exactly to each component before publishing them