Preview of what changes have been made exactly to each component before publishing them

The library we are using in our company can be modified by several people in the team.

When I want to publish changes to the library, sometimes I would see changes I didn’t make. Or sometimes it was a change I actually made that had an impact on another component, but it’s difficult to understand right away given that you can’t have a close look at what has changed exactly (the preview is so tiny!)

It would be great to have some kind of before/after preview each time I hover one of the components in the “changes” list. It would reduce the risk of publishing wrong components that are not well built. Because right now I always have to ask my team if they have touched anything in the library which is getting tiresome to be honest.

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When someone does some changes in the library and I want to publish those changes, currently there’s an option just to see the list of the components that have been changed, but not the details.

It would be much better if I’m able to compare old vs new and see the exact changes that are made. That would be useful both on publishing library changes and later inside the file where old components are being updated with the new ones.

Does anyone else feel that this could be useful?

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the review of changes in a published library is almost impossible in a controlled manner. right now, this feature is sadly as useless as the review of changes between the versions of a file. finding small changes is hopeless/impossible.

for this to work, each change must be listed/described in detail (if needed). look at tools like confluence or git to see how it should work. right now, every change is done in “blind flight” and requires manually checking every design for broken overrides etc.

i am working as a lone designer, i cannot even image how chaotic it must be in a larger team with multiple projects. no matter how good the design system may be, after some time, any project that derives from it must inevitably end in chaos and inconsistencies.