Can't see all Published updates to a component in the Library Updates view

When reviewing library updates on a file that uses those library components, it looks like I’m only able to see the very latest change (and it’s description) to a component.

For example, a colleague updates the Primary Button in the Component Library to be 8px taller and Publishes that with a description of “Made Primary button 8px taller”. And then afterwards she makes another change to the Primary Button (let’s say, makes it Green instead of Blue) and Publishes that change with a description of “Changed Primary Button from Blue to Green”.
The next day when I go to my Design file that uses the Primary Button, I ‘Review’ the changes to the Component Library but I’ll only see “Changed Primary Button from Blue to Green” and won’t see the earlier published change which made the button 8px taller.

Is this a problem anyone else is having?

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