Autolayout in components with transparent overlay

I’m new here, and I’m having a lot of trouble understanding autolayout.
I have a card that needs to have a vertical auto layout; the card has a transparent shape above and needs to grow with the auto layout.
How can I do that?
Thank you so much!

Use Absolute positioning on your overlay. Top right corner of the Design tab when that element is selected:

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Thank you!
I fell dumb :smiley:

@Andreia_Tenreiro Actually, you don’t need an absolute position for layers like background. You can easily apply the stroke, the fill and the border-radius properties directly to the container frame and remove the rectangle layer.

Hi Gabriele,
Thank you
I need this layer to be on top because it’s a variation from another “state,” This transparent layer is supposed to be on top to create a color effect on everything.

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