Image background and autolayout

I searched for an answer but couldn’t find anything that would answer my question.

So I am creating a card to be used in mobile design. I have to prepare several screen sizes so I wanted to put auto layout into the component.

However, I have an image as the background. Over the image there is text with some icons. When I place the layer with text and icons over the image and hit autolayout, the text goes below the image. This is not the effect I want to have.
I want the image and text resizable “on its own” kind of.
I can fill the frame with the image, but this way I have load new images every time I want change the main image. I wanted to have the images as separate components.
Is that even possible to do?
Or what are your best practices when working with components which have image background that you need change depending on the context?

Use the “Absolute position” feature.