Multi touch and gesture controls in Figjam on iPad

I would love to see some more ipad specific controls in figjam for iPad. For example

  • Two-finger tap to undo
  • Three-finger tap to redo
  • Hold on finger on the screen while drawing to erase
  • Hold two fingers on the screen to highlight
  • ‘natural’ eraser on drawn lines
  • when pencil is in use, navigate with finger drags and draw/select with a pencil
  • Hide the toolbar and swipe in to the screen when needed

This is a must. OneNote and Concepts handle it this way. I find it very jarring that figjam doesn’t.


That selection does not persist (it auto toggles back to navigation) is very jarring. It is problematic with standard gestures but is even more egregious when using a pencil as the presence of a pencil gives a clear disambiguation of what actions should below to what.

I am trying to figure out a complete app to keep “Infinite Notes” like endless paper so that to draft and share my ideas with the team during a brainstorming session and figmaJam can do the trick.

But while editing notes gets messy because the above features are not implemented. @Ben_Shelford I wish I could give 1000 votes for this :slight_smile:

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Apple Notes & Procreate too

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