Multi touch and gesture controls in Figjam on iPad

I would love to see some more ipad specific controls in figjam for iPad. For example

  • Two-finger tap to undo
  • Three-finger tap to redo
  • Hold on finger on the screen while drawing to erase
  • Hold two fingers on the screen to highlight
  • ‘natural’ eraser on drawn lines
  • when pencil is in use, navigate with finger drags and draw/select with a pencil
  • Hide the toolbar and swipe in to the screen when needed

This is a must. OneNote and Concepts handle it this way. I find it very jarring that figjam doesn’t.

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That selection does not persist (it auto toggles back to navigation) is very jarring. It is problematic with standard gestures but is even more egregious when using a pencil as the presence of a pencil gives a clear disambiguation of what actions should below to what.