Any way to swap color styles from the same file?

I’m trying to swap all the color styles from one document, something like blue-500 to green-500. Both are local styles. It’s a big library doc with lots of components & pages, and I’m not having any luck finding anything that will automate this process or parts of it. Is my only option to do this manually?

I think the Selection Colors function or plugins like Similayer can help you.

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Thanks! that’s where I am so far, but still requires me to make lots of selections across different pages. was hoping for something quicker

Selection Colors is probably the best way to change colors. You just need to open the page, select all (Cmd/Ctrl + A), find the desired color and change to another one in the Selection Colors section.

Try searching the Community for plugins that work with styles/colors. Maybe some of them will find colors in the whole file, not just on the current page.

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