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Is it possible to find and replace color styles (one at a time or batch)?

Let’s say I have a color styles group like so:

Neutrals / gray-1
Neutrals / gray-2
Neutrals / gray-3
Neutrals / gray-4

And I have a similar group in another file, however the values for each of those gray-x are different.

I would like to basically overwrite on set of styles with another and have all components using the original set update automatically without having to edit a single swatch if that makes sense.

Pretty sure there is no way to do this with the core app (though that would be amazing) but does anyone know of a plugin or perhaps a work-around to achieve this?

To be able to batch it would be awesome, but even doing find-replace for one style at a time would be better than having to actually edit color values.

I’m pretty sure you can do that with Design System Organizer plugin.

I’d rather Style organizer because it’s free !