Adding new layers/elements into component instance

I have this case, where I create a component which sets the main layout for a page (including header, content area and card with relevant content).
I wanted to use this component across other designs, so I could control entire page layout from single main component. I realised though that I can’t insert any new layers/elements inside instance of my main component (eg. texts, visualisations etc), which is pretty confusing for me.
To be clear - I would like to have single main component for whole page layout, and use instance of this component across all other pages, with corresponding content, but without an option to add new layers in instance, it looks like its very limited… or maybe it’s just me?

Any help how to solve that would be very appreciated!

cheers, Mario

You can use placeholder instances within your master component and swap them out.

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great! many thanks for this tip!

Hi @Mariusz_Sojka, there is a similar feature request on the forum that you can vote for here: Fully Editable Component Instances

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