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Can I add elements to an Instance of a Component?

I have this tooltip component with individual text layers at the list options.
In order to increase the options I’d like to be able to duplicate the text item and put in a new option that way.
It looks like I can’t easily duplicate the text layer or add items to the Instance of the component. Do I have to use the single text box and Indent every time I want a new list option or is there a way to duplicate text layers within an instance of a component?

Here’s the tool tip and the Layers Panel for it.
Layer Panel

Hi @Brian_Talbert. You cannot add new layers to instances. But, if your text layer can grow vertically, you can add a carriage return to a new line (paragraph or <br> in HTML). Or, if you know how many text layers you should have in your tooltip, you can create a component set with the desired number of variants, and then simply switch variants on the property panel.

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