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Add image as a fill to an object not working?

Hello! I saw somebody’s screencast video where they copied an image from one place and apparently inserted it inside an ellipse. Also this help page says that I can add an image as a fill to an object from clipboard if I select that object first.
But when I try to insert an image to an object (copy image Ctrl+c, select object, Ctrl+v) the image gets inserted either next to it, or somewhere else on the canvas.

Can you tell us more about where you are copying the image from?

If you are copying a layer of an image that is already in Figma, then that image will always be pasted on a separate layer. In this case, you need to copy not the image layer, but its fill on the property panel.

If you copy the image to the clipboard in the browser, then the paste will occur as a fill, provided that you have selected some object.

Thank you, what I want can be achieved by “copy properties”, “paste properties”