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Account-based storage or user ID

Please give plugin creators something to identify a specific Figma user! It can be:

  • An ID which is unique to every user, or
  • Something similar to client storage but for the user, independent of the device

This would improve user experience for all plugins because they would be able to store settings and other user-related data this way. But especially it would be useful for paid plugins. This way users won’t have to activate the license on every single browser and device they use — the experience for paid plugins would be improved greatly. Adding the ability to identify the user would also help the creators of paid plugins as currently there is no way to track whether a single user is using the license they bought or not, there is a lot of potential for abuse.

I’m the creator of a widely popular plugin Master (25k+ installs) and I need this badly. Instead of developing more useful features I have to:

  • Answer a lot of emails about “why my license got reset” when the user simply logged out of Figma thus clearing their cache and client storage.
  • Think about measures to prevent piracy, without a clear way to even let the user know that they are sharing the license and it’s not allowed.

That’s exactly what I need. It would be amazing.
I’m a creator of Design System Organizer and Breakpoints plugins (76k+ installs).

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Not only for developers, but this is a great thing for users as well!

Because paid-plugins will not need to create some extra steps with external Auth! Everybody wins.


Another point: if there would be a way to identify the user (having access to user ID), you can create some very cool things with it: sync preferences and share data between plugins in an even better way than storing it in the file. That would be a dream come true as some things are too big to build as one plugin but would be awesome to have as separate ones sharing common data. That’s why having access to user ID is more desirable than having account-based storage.

Imagine if you could write some code in Scripter, then share it to another plugin to turn it into an easy to run snippet. That would be so cool! Shared storage between plugins for a specific user independent of the file — who’s in?

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I’m in 10000%

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This is now available via figma.currentUser: figma · Figma Developers :tada:

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